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At a 2009 retrospective dinner this past February two Tremblay entrants - this Vosne villages and the Chambolle ‘Feusselottes’ - ran a unanimous win/place.  I remembered the vintage fondly here but nevertheless felt both wines had developed startlingly well.  A good reminder that while most Burgundies put on weight in bottle Tremblay’s tend to slim down and refine.  You can approximate the effect by decanting her younger wines but patient cellaring shows the uptick in intricacy and detail more fully. 

Those sorts of tastings are useful truth-serum for our Burgundy speculating.  No extent of mental mapping can stand in for unbiased engagement and wide tasting.  Words melt from their labels.  And that night more than a dozen accomplished grands crus could do nothing but accept besting by a villages that just wouldn’t quit.   

 From ‘Aux Communes’ and ‘Les Jacquines,' both sited just below the premiers crus. 






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