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Genuinely exciting winemaking here.  And, in assent with other boundary-pushing ‘natural’ Burgs, a wine whose deepest identity traces to aesthetic vision rather than terroir.  

The domaine’s 3 hectares are spread across six cuvées.  There are Bourgogne and St.-Romain in both blanc and rouge, then tiny slivers of Beaune villages and this Puligny.  Everything is done by horse or hand. 

The whites trend wild and mineral, often delicately herbaceous, tensile without feeling clenched.  You know the way so many white Burgs aiming at tension and energy end up blandly acidic and annoyingly raw/starched in feel?  Not like that.  Renaud's whites know where they are going and how to get there and their relatively spare aesthetic and direct delivery feel purposed rather than predetermined.  They’re difficult wines to categorize: just the kind we like. 

The fruit here enters discreetly then really warms up as the wine moves along, though stones and flowers and spices remain out ahead.  With time more soft herbs and a deeper savory richness.  Fascinating stuff on the more electric side of the '20 spectrum.





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