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Since its 2013 debut Jean-Marie Fourrier's 'Chambertin' has matured into one of the vineyard’s strongest examples. Beyond the obvious quality comes the further distinction of…distinctiveness.  Fourrier’s ethereal rendering may well lay claim to sourcing the most floral and red-fruited expression of this legendary terroir.  

I find Fourrier's style to connect best with sites that naturally bring structure and fruit intensity to their wines.  It’s with these that his aptitude for conferring grace and refinement, often in the extreme, feels most compelling.  In certain vineyards already with a propensity for elegance - say ‘Latricières’ or ‘Cherbaudes’ - Jean-Marie’s ethereal style often seems to force-multiply this elegance to an extreme.  ‘Chambertin’ complements rather than merely intensifies his style, resulting in one of the completest wines in the cellar.   









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