'When you open old Madeira it always seems open and ready to drink, but what is less well known is that the wines continue to develop positively over time.  If you double decant them you'll find that somehow they become more lively and more detailed over a period of months.  They are the most unique wines in the world and the best way to end a special dinner with friends.  Mature Madeira is always a special experience and very different than other wines where the pressure to finish the open bottle is much more intense.' 


I love Daniel's passion for Madeira.  Along the years he has guided me toward a deeper appreciation of the wines, particularly in their glorious maturity.  Along with so many of you, I often reaped the rewards of his ridiculously comprehensive Madeira program when he was on the floor at Tribeca Grill. 

 Consider this list the shortest possible path to an enviable little Madeira collection of your own, one whose unique pleasures will leave your dinner guests smiling ear to ear and deeply imprinted with the singularity of the experience.  We ended a recent meal with little splashes of the 1908 Boal, a wine that seems to haunt every memory of that evening.  I can still taste its patina'd, burnished, rich-without-sweetness loveliness... 



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