It’s another warm year though with more rain than those in the ’18-’20 corridor.  This rain came at just the right moments too, particularly late-season showers.  More on this below. 

Many producers have shared the view that even ripening, that is ripening by gradual degrees rather than fits and starts, has positively impacted both balance and overall quality.  And this tallies with the limited ’22 experience we’ve had to date.  A distinct sphericality and cohesiveness gives the crop a textural feel quite distinct from other recent vintages.  

The wines seem livelier, with fresh acidity driving rather than merely ‘supporting’ the fruit.  Warm conditions without massive heat spikes together with well-timed showers have given a smoother and more even profile to year's crop. As a result the vintage's easy hedonism remains nevertheless compatible with depth and ‘seriousness’ to an extent that approaches uniqueness. 

 This superbly comprehensive parcel covers nearly every appellation produced in this perfectionist cellar.  A friend who barrel-tasted them shared that the vintage reminds him of souped up versions of Jean-Marie’s ‘17s, high praise given the irresistible exuberance of that set chez Fourrier. The wines will arrive this Spring.     





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