Those of you who have experienced Pierre‘s superb 2015‘s know that this is an address that tends to excel in solar vintages. The ‘18s are gregarious in the style of the vintage, but also present as trimmer and more precise than what one finds elsewhere. Although that classic Boisson lemon-and-limestone profile is here, a sense of luxurious richness radiates through the middle of the wines.  

Special shout out to the ‘entry level’ wines,  Platonic ideals of an elevated house wine. - Jason

Our cup runneth over with Boisson of all kinds and we're excited to share a selection with you. We're focused on the 2018s here which, like the 2015s combine ripe intensity with savory minerality and tensile verve. There is a brilliant paradox on display with these wines that combine plush weight with pillowy airiness. While the wines are impeccable across the range, I'd like to note a few particular highlights: 

- The Auxey-Duresses from Pierre Boisson in its inaugural vintage. Note that the cryptically distressed label (as if rebelling against the almost aseptic perfection of their other labels), is so by intention.

- The Hautes-Côtes de Beaune Rouge are both shockingly vibrant, with plenty of bright red fruits and more judicious oak than some other reds in the stable have seen. The 2016 has a bit more flesh to it than the zingy 2017. 

- The Aligoté must surely be considered amongst the the finest in Burgundy. It's airy, lightly reductive and rounded yet with invariably fine acidity. Perhaps somewhat atypical for aligoté for its fleshy mid-palate weight and in-check acidity, it's a wonderful showcase of the Boisson style. A perennial personal favorite- between my partner and I we've consumed over 2 cases! 

- Spencer

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