Special Offer Price $33.95 per bottle with code BURGSTEAL

To call this the strongest sub-$35 Red Burg in our shop may suffice (it is), though the pleasure here transcends generic ‘value’ far enough that a bit more feels needed. 

At this price point ’value’ typically cyphers a surprisingly tasty and not-hard-edged wine.  Here we can go further in adding to deliciousness a satisfying intellectual aspect, a sense of genuine dimensionality on one hand and a clear expression of place on another.  These features have made the wine a kind of touchstone for what we, as the undeterred Burgundy optimists we are, hope to continue to find at weeknight-friendly pricing.  

Marsannay's gifted ‘Les Longeroies’ is home to Bouvier’s oldest vines which do their part in deepening both terroir expression and flavor richness.  The latter expresses beautifully on the sappy, black cherry-scented nose, a nose that widens impressively to show sweet spice and cold limestone details.  The purplish blast of Marsannay fruit feels effortless, and the textural combination of impressive density and soft, gracious edges makes a striking impression.  A black tea-like nuance an hour or so in has one of our bunch, late to the tasting, guessing Vosne.  

If you drink this with the price in mind you can squint your way to picking nits, though what’s the point?  More fun to accept that real-deal Red Burg still lurks at Tuesday night pricing, provided you know where to look.   







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