It’s fun to find the most seamless and complete of Savigny’s premiers crus in such fine form.  ‘Vergelesses’ is its usual lyrical self but here seems particularly animated by 2010's pulsy energy.  The obvious refinement and impressive detail sum to what feels like a grand cru performance. 

There is a distinct floral register to the nose, lifted and pretty, then little suggestions of blood orange and cherries in with the roses.  The poise and class of ‘Vergelesses’ imprints strongly and the aromatics widen impressively with time in the glass.  You notice the vintage’s liveliness first on the palate, the way the acid lights up every corner of the wine.  I especially love the confident finish, the driving persistence of sweet fruit and stones.  

The wine feels equal parts delightful and impressive, a ’10 uniqueness.  A beautiful convergence of parcel and producer here.  Among the strongest renditions of ‘Aux Vergelesses’ I can remember, chez Bize or elsewhere.   








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