Morey List Spreadsheet
Morey List

 As Summer turns to Fall and the weather changes so too our attention turns to different wines. Somehow Morey-St-Denis fits my profile of perfect village for this seasonal turning point. Perennially under-rated, sandwiched as it is between its more celebrated neighbours of Gevrey and Chambolle, Morey has been thought to offer a more meaty, earthen and rustic profile than the aforementioned. A quick look at this list will show however that exotic spice, exuberant fruits and a seamless texture are just as applicable characteristics. While Autumn leaves begin to pile, our Morey list is blooming. Of course, wines such as these will be enjoyable no matter the time of year- and doubtless they will be. 

The following merit special attention: 

  • Five vintages of Jouan's Clos Saint Denis
  • Rousseau Clos de la Roche 2014 and 2015
  • 2017 Lignier-Michelot En la Rue de Vergy Magnums
  • Cossard’s stunningly aromatic Monts Luisants
  • A handful of older Michel Magnien with pristine provenance


- Spencer

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