Cuvée Price
2002 Kopke 'Colheita' Port
1989 Kopke 'Colheita' Port $99.95
1980 Kopke 'Colheita' Port $129.95
1978 Kopke 'Colheita' Port $184.95
1966 Kopke 'Colheita' Port $329.95

 Colheita ports remain criminally underknown and underappreciated. These are ports that issue from a single vintage and are aged in cask for at least 7 years, but usually far longer, before being bottled. They combine the compelling aspects of single vintage definition with the nutty, spiced character of tawny port pushed to delightful extremes.

C.N. Kopke, in fact the oldest port house, established in 1638, is rather a colheita specialist and their offerings are benchmarks for the category. We are delighted to present this diverse range of Colheitas from the house. 

2002 Kopke 'Colheita' - Deep red colour with a tawny-coloured rim. Dense and aromatic nose, with exuberant aromas of dried fruit and an elegant note of spice. Fine and elegant on the palate, it reveals excellent structure and well-balanced acidity. A harmonious ensemble, which lingers into a distinct and delicious finish. - C.N. Kopke

1989 Kopke 'Colheita' - Bright amber with a bouqet of biscuit, dried cranberry, salted almonds and a hint of vanilla. The palate is beautifully voluminous with a core of sweetness and toffee. The texture is refined and there's a persistent brightness to the wine. Fine balance and the finish is long. 

1980 Kopke 'Colheita' - Amber in colour with golden hues. Intense and enveloping on the nose, with prevailing aromas of dried fruit, and a refined hint of spice. In the mouth, it is concentrated, firm and elegant. A wine with great depth and noble character. Impressive and persistent finish. -C.N. Kopke

1978 Kopke 'Colheita' - It is very graceful for its age, finishing with a wave of sweetness, fruit and sugar. Emphasizing the caramel more than the molasses, this is irresistibly delicious, but it becomes more complex and puts on weight as it airs and warms. The wine shows off its power and hints of Brandy on the rather tense finish, too. Overall, this is a beauty that becomes more impressive the longer you sit with it. Then, you realize that its balance is simply perfect, yet it stands out in most every category.  Mark Squires, Robert Parker Wine Advocate

1966 Kopke 'Colheita' - An intense brown colour, with a brick-coloured rim that shows its longevity. On the nose, it shows appealing aromas of dried fruit and marked notes of smoke. Silky and delicate on the palate, with remarkable structure and elegance. The flavours of plum, dried fig and vanilla are well-balanced, giving the wine a unique and distinct style. A singularly persistent finish. - C.N. Kopke


- Spencer

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