‘Butteaux’ accounts for Raveneau’s most consistent and most interesting Left Bank cuvée.  Among the premiers crus more generally ‘Butteaux’ runs alongside the ‘Montée de Tonnerre’ and makes choosing a matter of stylistic preference rather than qualitative superiority.  In warm vintages (i.e. ‘normal’ vintages today) ‘Butteaux’ is advantaged by its cooler and windier siting.  Cooler vintages narrow the stylistic gap. 

Isabelle Raveneau voiced personal affection for her ‘Butteaux’ at a visit to the domaine in early 2020.  She relayed that the vines here are especially healthy (for whatever reason) and that the combination of clayey soil and cool, windy exposition always coordinate beautifully.  We discussed how well the wine performs in warm years as she recalled how many of the 'scorchers' of decades past have mellowed into marvelous maturity.  






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