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We've been collecting Japanese Whisky over this long summer and it's time to share our spoils. If you're looking for the perfect highball whisky then we've got you covered with the 'Toki' (let us know if you'd like your order with a highball glass included- no additional charge). Of particular interest to connoisseurs will be the trio of the Hibiki 21 Year, the Hakushu 18 Year Single Malt, and the Yamazaki 18 Year Single Malt. We're also excited to be offering the fascinatingly complex 'Tokubetsu Reserve' from Oshishi. Take a look and if you're interested, act quickly- quantities are very limited!

Suntory 'Toki' Blended Japanese Whisky

Toki is a blended whisky from Suntory's three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. This is a round and sweet blend with a refreshing citrus character and a spicy finish. - Suntory

Yamazaki, the Original

The area around Yamazaki Distillery in southwestern Kyoto has long been famous for its exquisite natural water, which is mentioned even in ancient Japanese poetry. Surrounded by abundant nature, the unique terrain, where the Katsura, Uji, and Kizu Rivers meet, is the ideal moist and humid environment for the aging of whisky: Yamazaki is indeed a whisky-making utopia. - Suntory

Hakushu, the Delicate Forest Whisky
After looking all over the country, they came across "Hakushu," one of the most famous water areas in Japan. In 1973, exactly half a century after the birth of the first Japanese malt whisky distillery, Yamazaki, Suntory established its second malt whisky distillery "Hakushu."

Making a long journey through the mountains in the Southern Alps, the clear underground water in Hakushu is soft, sharp in taste and contains the right amount of minerals. Whisky mashed using this water has a pleasant and gentle flavor, quite different from the deep, florid taste of Yamazaki. - Suntory

Hibiki, the Harmonious Art of Blending
Hibiki was launched in 1989 to commemorate Suntory’s 90th anniversary- it is a masterpiece of blended whisky involving numerous malt and grain whiskies which together create a full orchestra of flavors and aromas. Seductive, blossoming and enigmatic, Hibiki Whisky celebrates an unrivaled art of blending, fine craftsmanship and a sense of luxury from the House of Suntory.  - Suntory

Oshishi ‘Tokubetsu Reserve’

Ohishi Distillery was founded in 1872, and is located in the Southwest of Japan. Ohishi has been a family business for five generations, primarily known for its sake

This whisky is a very special release of almost equal parts 27-year old (29%), 10-year-old (35%), and 7-year-old (36%) Ohishi Whisky Sherry Casks. While the older whisky provides depth and structure, the 7 and 10-year-old whiskies give zest and complexity to the final product. 40.5% ABV - Skurnik

- Spencer

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