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Huré Frères 'Insouciance' Brut Rosé
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  This is my 4th of July wine. It’s a wine to drink all day without fatiguing, a wine equally at home for stand-alone drinking (preferably overflowing from a mason jar) or cozying up to ketchup-slathered burgers. 

The Huré brothers are just on another level these days. If you’ve followed us for a while you already know our unanimous enthusiasm for the domaine and their small family of lovelies.  If you’re new to the wines, the Huré ‘style’ is one in which disparate elements - brightness and richness, delicacy and generosity - co-mingle with an effortlessness and consistency that is remarkable.  I find myself nudging them further and further up the list of wines I want to drink regularly. 

This rosé is particularly beautiful. The nose is clear and articulate, extremely pure, with a pomegranate-meets-limestone kind of impression.  The palate is lovely, in a soft but assertive way that seems characteristic of these wines, with a finish that leaves a strong stony impression as its summer berry fruit recedes.  - Jason

I tasted my first Huré Freres Pinot Meunier 4 Elements (now known as 4V) as a blind and at once became a fan of the domaine. The wines are just that striking. The Insouciance rosé is even more approachable and immediately appealing than François’ other cuvées; it’s a floral, delicate, and expressive wine.  I just love the creamy texture paired with precise acidity and the beautiful nuance of wild strawberry. So many layers around a core of energy! - Daniel

Possible other titles for this offer included: “Hooray for Huré” and “Hip Hip Huré”. This is a wine of jubilant, contagious energy and it's our consensus pick for Fourth of July drinking. What's more there's a firework on the front... That raspberry-toned explosion on the front might be intended as organic or atomic, but whatever is represented it's definitely apt given the energy contained within.

Carefree and refreshing are watchwords for this iteration based on the 17 vintage and aged a just right 1.5 years on the lees. Bursting with raspberry and wild strawberry, it's nose is lifted and immensely inviting. The palate meanwhile is energetic, crisp and gently saline on the finish. The mousse is spry and frothy and cranberry, brioche and fresh ginger linger.  It's a truly delicous bottle, easy to love and perfect for celebration. 

- Spencer

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