$32.49 per stem on 4+ glasses (applies automatically)

I have a very simple approach to glassware.  I prioritize functionality first, and an elegantly simple design next.  By elegance I mean an attractive silhouette as well as a glass that can act as an aromatic force multiplier.  I like glasses that are delicate without being fragile, glasses you can polish calmly and confidently.   

Glasvin combines all these attributes while offering the best quality-to-price ratio of any glassware on the market.  They are sleekly elegant and yet functional, and expertly frame all styles of wine from sparkling to late-harvest.  ‘Universal’ is most appropriate; it is the only glass my home collection can’t live without. - Jason

The Glasvin Universal has been an indispensable part of our unique in-store experience. When someone takes a seat at our counter to taste the Bourgogne du jour, it remains gratifying to see them marvel at the unexpected levity of the stemware newly in hand. It’s fair to say that the feedback has been uniformly sterling through the past several months of testing the glasses- both from the team and our public. 

These glasses have a beautiful feel in the hand and give a sense of fidelity to all wines in a tasting context - they have enough of a bowl to allow wine to breath and for aromas to fill the glass but not such extreme curvature that fruit sensations are too prominent. 

The experience of hand-blown stemware is difficult to convey- the glass is both remarkably thin and lightweight. These particular stems are a fraction of the price of their hand-blown counterparts. At under $33 a glass they are a very worthwhile investment if you are serious about your wine. They are easy to polish and hand-wash (if you so desire) but sturdy enough that we recommend dishwashing. The superb packaging the glasses come in not only protects them for shipment but is ideal for bringing with you on your travels or to a picnic. These are universal and indispensable glassware indeed.

If you'd like to order, you may do so by replying to this email or using the link above. And if you like what you see please spread the word!

- Spencer

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