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Legou’s recently-arrived ‘20s are terrific successes provided you’re open to the large-scaled pleasures of the vintage.  Yet size aside, Legou's are considerably lighter in color and more perfumed than the vintage mean.  At a recent tasting this Ladoix villages showed an alertness of red fruit and floral intensity hardly routine even among examples tripling (or more) its modest price. 

Along with Priuré-Roch’s Ladoix, Legou’s is for me the appellation standard-setter.  Part of this must be that the wine's bright fruit makes a particularly willing vehicle for hi-toned cluster expression.  Even the Vosne-Romanée presents its stems in a darker and more somber mode this year. 

Real-deal Burg at this price point is tough to find,  many 'pleasant’ options notwithstanding.  How many sub-$50 examples possess such aromatic range, impress such obvious structural sophistication? 

From two parcels toward the top of the hill totaling just under half a hectare.  






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