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Jérôme Coessens Largillier Blanc de Noirs Brut
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 Not all discoveries are created equal, and this one has been especially exciting for us.  From his home base in Champagne’s Aube, Jerome Coessens farms his small, single-vineyard parcel 'Largillier’ with a passion that borders on the compulsive.  And there is truth to back this up: the fruit meets the exacting standards of Guillaume Selosse, who purchases fruit for his 'Largillier' bottling from Jerome.  

This is 100% Pinot Noir, 100% 2013 vintage, and 100% convincing in conveying Jerome’s talent and seriousness of purpose.  This is deep and textural, almost ‘decadent.’  This has that classic Aube clay-over-limestone personality, with depth and richness layered carefully over a fresh limestone-y base. Like Guillaume’s wines, this is a wine for the table.  But unlike his wines, it’s one you can afford to drink often. - Jason

From his family monopole Largillier, a 3.36ha vineyard planted entirely to Pinot Noir, Jerome Coessens has been producing a range of riveting bottles that have yet escaped the notice of even the most Champagne-obsessed in the US. The site, with classic Argilo-Calcaire soil (clay-limestone), is farmed with devotion but no dogmatism; there are abundant cover crops and the quality of the fruit is such that Guillaume Selosse buys a portion of the fruit to craft his cuvée which bears the vineyard's name. Such is Jerome's commitment to the vineyard that he sells off all the non-Largillier fruit he farms (another ~3ha) as wells as the fruit of the young vines. 

Among Jerome's impressive range of bottlings the Blanc de Noirs is emblematic of the vineyard, hailing as it does from the central parcels. The 2013 harvest iteration is both full-bodied and stunningly energetic. There's appealing marzipan and a touch of smoke above a bed of ripe raspberry. The ripe nose is met by a rivetingly mineral palate and a touch of salinity on the finish. Utterly compelling Pinot Noir. This is offered at the lowest pricing in the US before the 3 pack discount. 

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- Spencer

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