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1983 Talbot is not the greatest wine ever made.  But it’s the kind of wine that, while you’re drinking it, seems as good as wine can be.  If you’re nodding along you’ll likely love this.   

’83 Bordeaux has a clear qualitative ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side 40 years on.  Few of the vintage's wines leave us indifferent: its better have shown remarkable stamina while the others have long since lost their balance.  Margaux (both appellation and Château) continue to enjoy the most forward reputation though there are gems to be mined further afield.  Talbot is one. 

Love this era for Talbot.  Early-‘80s vintages here - ’81, ’82, ’83, and ’85 particularly - have aged very well and consistently show better than the decade’s later efforts.  Typical for this era the ’83 should appeal immensely to lovers of old school Bordeaux, those happy to find a bit of barnyard in with the leather and coffee.






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