A mostly-cherries Italian list here, the vast majority of which just hit our warehouse.  Bottle age and vintage diversity are themes, with no fewer than six decades to choose from. 

Iconic names - both producers and cuvées - are prominent.  There are more than a dozen bottlings from Cappellano and Gaja alone.  Gaja's 'Costa Russi' is available back to its inaugural vintage (1978) while Cappellano's superb 'Piè Franco' stretches to 1995, just the second year it was produced.   

There's a glare off the Tuscan lineup as well.  Sassicaia arrivals include the everyone-must-taste-once-in-their-life 1985 as well as curated recent vintages of fellow Super Tuscan stalwarts.  Soldera and Stella lead the way in Montalcino, though other back-vintage, ready-to-drink options layer in a few more accessible pleasures.      



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