Cappellano Piè Franco

Cappellano Piè Franco Barolo

 The only availability in the US for the 2016 Cappellano Piè Franco- the only availability for the 2016 Piè Franco in magnum in the world.

"What a wine! Rich, powerful and explosive, the 2016 possesses unreal depth and stature to burn. Once again, I am so impressed with the wine's presence... The 2016 is a bold wine that demands attention. Dark red fruit, sage, iron, leather, licorice and rose petal open with a bit of coaxing. Readers who can find the 2016 are in for a real treat. It is without question one of the wines of the vintage" - Antonio Galloni, Vinous

We’re excited to have this exceptional offering of the unique own-rooted vines planted in the Gabutti cru of Serralunga d’Alba by Teobaldo Cappellano in the late '80s. These rigorously traditional, soulful wines have reached a level of scarcity hitherto unimaginable. Seen otherwise, they have swiftly ascended to join Monfortino atop the pantheon of Barolo. 

The farming is rigorous and achieved organically. Indigenous yeasts give a long fermentation in old botte and sulfur addition is kept to a minimum. Augusto Cappellano now runs the estate but he works as his father did and maintains his practices. Teobaldo was famous for his idiosyncratic insistence that critics not publish scores-- not, or at least not only, for the inherent incongruity of scores and wine, or for their capacity to reduce rather than encourage reflection but to avoid sowing division amongst winemakers. These wines then exist without (perhaps beyond) any common metric then, aside that from which the lucky few will personally devise. The small size of the own-rooted parcel, at about a hectare, mean that only small production is possible of this incomparably elegant and ethereally perfumed wine. 

"Many bet on the failure of the enterprise, persuaded as they were that the Phylloxera would quickly attack the ungrafted vines: instead, those rows are still there, intact and healthy, proud as a hymn to bravery and utopia. Their gift is an “irregular” Barolo, seductive, of extraordinary complexity and intensity, which conveys the unmistakable imprinting of the Serralunga territory, without posturing and magic tricks" - Cappellano


- Spencer

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