"Great wine can be made every year in Burgundy; it is down to hard work in the vineyard and selection in the winery. Selection means firstly fermenting only the healthy, sound berries, and later, rejecting any barrels of wine that don't meet the standard."
- Charles Rousseau

Winegrowing at Rousseau has been - and remains today - predicated on preserving a distinctive and nuanced expression of each of their parcels.  This may seem a prosaic claim in a place founded on the prioritization of terroir, and yet what a bewildering number of wines today most clearly bear the mark of their maker rather than the imprint of place?  In blind tasting one can locate Rousseau not by identifying recognizable human fingerprints, but rather through an unmediated and indisputably great encounter with place. - Jason

Vintage after vintage after vintage, Armand Rousseau has produced wines of the first rank. Their reputation now towers over Gevrey-Chambertin and their name is indissociably linked with the heavenly trio of Chambertin, Clos de Bèze and Clos St. Jacques. We are both fortunate and proud to present this list replete not only with the aforementioned but with Clos de la Roche, Mazy and Clos des Ruchottes. The quality levels of these last 3, and particularly Ruchottes, have risen immensely in recent years- don't neglect them. Al Que Quiere!

- Spencer


Domaine Armand Rousseau
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