Antoine Bouvet 'Cuvée Chardonnay' Extra Brut (2016)

Antoine Bouvet 'Cuvée Chardonnay' Extra Brut (2016) $82.95
3 Pack Pricing ($78.33/btl; use code BOUVET) $234.99

This is a beautiful, energetic, and pure style of Champagne with freshness and a clean finish. Very precise with bright acidity and a gently textured mid-palate. Such a classic Blanc de Blancs with purity and transparency, a creamy mousse and fine bubbles. This is a Champagne nevertheless with lightness- it has that energy which is hard to describe but seems typical of a certain type of grower Champagne. Notes of lemon, lime pith and green almonds with just a hint of brioche. Clean, pure and fresh- but there’s not very much of it! - Daniel 

Our never ending quest to supply you with novel and exciting Champagne continues. Today we present to you the miniscule produce of Antoine Bouvet. Antoine took over from his grandfather Guy and has been farming organically since he took complete control in 2013 after his studies in Avize ended. The impact of his grandfather, who used to sell most of the domaine’s wine to Bollinger, remains prominent- as the hommage on his label makes clear. 

Typically less than 1000 bottles are produced of this Blanc de Blancs cuvée. His Cuvée Chardonnay issues from two plots “Les Coutures” and “Les Rocheforts” in Avenay Val d’Or and Bisseuil, planted in ‘57 and ‘58. Both of these villages are located in the Vallée de la Marne, North and East of Äy. Although less well known, there is no shortage of pride in Avenay: “Aÿ le nom, Mareuil le bon, Avenay passe avant” (Ay the name/recognition, Mareuil the good, Avenay best of all) Bouvet’s old vines produce low yields with concentrated fruit. This cuvée features a low dosage of 2g/L and the Champagne is delightfully tense. White flowers and lime fruit spring from the glass, only a touch of autolytic character to be found. A pure, luminous and sprightly style of Champagne that is a joy to drink. 

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- Spencer

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