Fresh off a tasting of the ace 2010s from de Villaine we can happily report the wines are developing beautifully.  The whites in particular seem to capture the full expressive range of the vintage’s purity + substance formula. 

The starriest of them is the 2010 Rully ‘Les St. Jacques.’  The nose leads with classic Rully notes of almond and anise infusing the well-defined citrus and apple fruit.  I love the textural particulars, the smooth and even mouthfeel brightened with ’10's luminous, ultra-fresh appeal.  Touches of mushroom and ginger appear on the finish, impressing a ‘seriousness’ that adds much to the bouncy, easy-to-love fruit. 

Delicious on its own, the wine feels destined for a richly umami'd main course.  It would make a fine friend for your best Vongole recipe.    








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