A perennial favorite villages, Mugneret-Gibourg's Vosne is a rare bird these days.  For once we have enough to offer.  'Enough' still isn't much, but we love the wine and so here it is.   

The cuvée has long united 5 parcels below the premiers and grands crus that span the entire Vosne geography from the Nuits border (La Croix Blanche) to a stone's throw from the Clos Vougeot (Les Chalandins).  This year's example charts out near the top of our vintage villages go-tos.  

The richness and textural appeal may surprise if you haven't tasted this '17 before and have internalized an axiom of both vintage and producer as pure elegance.  The perception of indulgence rather than delicacy carries the day, led on by a hammer blow of fruit on the mid-palate that mingles an unexpected hedonism with the otherwise classical structural bones.   



 *This offer is pre-arrival with an early-May ETA.





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