Mature Metras: A Magnum List

2018 Yvon Metras Beaujolais 'Première Mise' 

Special Offer Price $114.95 per bottle with code METRAS

A winning formula: Beaujolais’ of-record domaine, bottle age, magnums, and sharp offer pricing.  They will go fast! 

Metras’ straight Beaujolais comes from a couple parcels just outside Fleurie.  In 2018 there are two bottlings from two ‘pickings.’  This is the earlier of them and its wine the redder and fresher of the pair.    

I tend to prefer Metras around 5-10 years post-vintage when the wines have added spicy depth yet retain much energy and fruit purity.  Fuller maturity can bring great(er) rewards though it becomes a more bottle-to-bottle affair.  The wines here are famously moody and become increasingly mercurial with time.  Experience teachers to err early where decanting remains a useful option for bottles that need prodding. 





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