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Since setting up on his own in 2013 Jean-Luc Jamet has quietly established one of the Northern Rhône's most perfectionist domaines.  The vineyard holdings are comprised largely of Jean-Luc's half taken on parting Domaine Jamet and it is these that inform his two Côte Rôtie cuvées. 

These two wines are strikingly different.  The Côte Rôtie ’Les Terrasses' approximates Domaine Jamet's flagship Côte Rôtie, prioritizing the local tradition of blending across lieu-dits.  'Cuvée Pirate,' its more limited sibling, centers old vines in 'La Landonne’ and thus pursues a single-site aesthetic.  ‘Pirate’ is produced only in exceptional vintages with annual production hovering around just 500 bottles.   

’19 and ’20 are just the third and fourth vintages of this tête de cuvée.  The palate tends to push 'generous' to its descriptive limit though in a sense more sappy/old vine-y than extracted.  There is a remarkable sense of density via the thick coating of sweet tannins slicking the savory Syrah fruit. 

The wine feels fated for long cellaring though there is a lot to love with a generous decant, in particular the exuberant black fruit that sprints through the finish.  Details are a half-decade off but the sheer quality is absolutely undeniable.   



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