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‘Sneaky aging potential’ sums the Brocard appeal nicely.  As is the case at Raveneau and Dauvissat, wood aging sets course for long and positive development.  I hate the idea of formula except where formula seems unavoidable; the satin-textured, umami’d charm of true Chablis simply requires more time and more wood than most producers are willing to allocate. 

Brocard’s ‘Fourchaume’ comes from a perfect mid-slope slice in the heart of the vineyard.  70 year old vines drink deeply into the limestone and add their mineral complexity.  It’s among the most distinctive cuvées in the Brocard cellar, notably rugged and structured young though one of the finest agers. 

Lime and salt, classic ‘Fourchaume’ features, start discreet and build intensity in the glass.  The aromatics gain sharpness and precision with time, always a good sign with mature Chablis, and the flavors track more umami’d with time.  An hour or so in the rich, saline depth recalls a good homemade chicken stock. 

True Chablis here.  And superb value.






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