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The gap between ‘Farconnet’ and Chave’s Domaine Hermitage feels slimmer this year than any I can remember.  Possibly a recent side-by-side has their relative merits fresher than usual though either way the truth is in the glass.  Stated simply '19 is a rare vintage where ‘Farconnet’ might easily pass for its more expensive sibling, a slightly showier and more forward style notwithstanding. 

If it's been a beat this cuvée comes from three parcels (Péléat, Les Doignières, and Les Greffieux) aged in older oak.  No new oak means no new oak to ‘digest' and our treat on the other side is unusually easy access to a deep well of sweet black cherry fruit and a good width of spicy/savory depth.  Even without decanting the wine feels like a born performer. 

But lovelier still is the textural polish, the wine softening across the evening though keeping a certain finishing assertiveness.  Experience teaches to expect considerable cellaring upside though this is pure pleasure today.





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