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Fanny gave us the heads up this rarity was in the pipeline last year, a debut she was ‘extremely happy with.’  Knowing her is to know one of Burgundy’s most discreet and modest talents and you learn that vocal confidence - however faint - veils serious enthusiasm.  The only other of her wines she'd endorsed similarly was her '17 Beaune 'Clos des Renardes,' to this taster the single finest wine ever to emerge from her cellar.   

You smell this '20 'Santenots' and you understand.  The cluster expression recalls the hi-toned mode of ‘Clos des Renardes’ (potpourri, sweet spices) rather than the somberer, darker shadings of certain other cuvées.  There is more middle here than 'Renardes' manages though, a more solid and substantial pleasure. 

’20 reds are often impressive though seldom affective.  Many feel monumental in the 'large-scaled-classic' style of the vintage though even the vintage's successes can feel emotionally distant and oddly unmoving.  As few have, Fanny has managed to subordinate power to pleasure across what is undoubtedly one of the vintage’s sunniest sets.  

Just a single barrel from three rows of vines. 





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