So here’s the deal: sub-$30 estate-fruited Burgundy with a top producer and strong vintage lettering the label.  If you’re overdue for reminding just how accessible good Burgundy continues to be, few wines merit such warm recommendation. 

Dureuil’s Côteaux B issues from a single site of 50 year old vines in the heart of Rully.  Its 90% Pinot and 10% Gamay coordinate beautifully, Pinot dominating the aromatics as the Gamay splashes a bit of extra fruit in the middle.  You feel the deepening influence of a full 18 months élévage, though the wine remains available rather than needy.  It overdelivers not by ‘transcending its appellation’ but by heaping pleasure on pleasure.  

Bonus points for giving this a spell in the fridge and enjoying just below cellar temperature.  It will make a delightfully versatile companion to just about everything you’ll be cooking up this summer.   








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