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When our small offer of this cuvée back in November sold through in minutes we assumed we were seeing the last of it.  Too bad, since this villages seems a very archetype of Vosne, a strong ambassador for a domaine producing some of Burgundy’s most singular and movingly beautiful wines.  And so these freshly arrived bottles - not many, mind you - will likely be the last you'll see of aged Guyon here for a while. 

If the domaine is new to you a few stylistic particulars may be helpful.  There are exceptionally old vines here and a deep, flavory old-vine core expresses as a family trait.  The tannins have a distinctly powdery feel, lending their wines assertive yet sweetly expressive frames.  In terms of winemaking, Guyon eschews sulfur, working in fact just on the precipice of outright sans soufre.  There is just a pinch in the Spring before bottling. 

100% whole-clusters too, but not the kind of whole-cluster expression that sits ‘on top’ of the wine, i.e. not a sweet/stemmy gloss that hovers like a cloud above the fruit.  Guyon's approach results in clusters that seem to crawl into the very center of the wines, seasoning them from within.  It's a deep kind of cluster expression that augments in intensity as you watch the wines evolve.   

The Vosne-Romanée villages is from Hautes Maizières (just below Suchots) and Les Chalandins, the parcels summing to .4 hectare.  In ’15 it’s a velvet-textured delight, sedate and rich and shot through with old vine-y concentration.  Top-drawer villages.  Hell, top-drawer Burgundy








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