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For us, the best Bourgognes (both colors) are always those that seem most available.  That is to say those examples in which an immediate pleasure seems to wait most willingly for us.  There are enough think-y, challenging wines in Burgundy, plenty which require patience, engagement, or both.  A Bourgogne should delight, regardless of its other aims.     

Fourrier’s Bourgogne Rouge has always seemed to know this.  It’s always the blast of sweet, intense fruit that first catches us, as if eager to announce its intentions.  There is unusual depth and structure behind, but these always seem somehow optional to me.   

 The 2020 Bourgogne Rouge leads (as usual) with a wonderfully ripe nose of wild strawberries and sweet cherries, fruit-generous but not gushing in J-M’s usual mode.  ’20’s energy lifts the palate nicely, shaping up the fruit with unexpected precision.  There is a maximum of unfussy pleasure from start to finish.  

 A capital-D Delight, and at well below $50 in 3-packs a refreshingly accessible one.  If you know of any better value in Burgundy, we’d like to know where to find it. 








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