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Champagne seems easily the region targeted most for tasting/exploring as opposed to repeat, multi-bottle drinking.  Always the Champagne ice-breaker: what do you have that's new?  Discovery and its pleasures aside, we recently went through the exercise of short-listing those Champagnes we actually drink most often.  Moncuit's are wines we purchase in multiples of 6 for our own cellars, cuvée and vintage depending.  

If you're new to these, a couple quick points of orientation.  Basically everything is from Le Mesnil and actually-everything is Chardonnay.  Full malolactic and barrel-aging gives the wines more depth and textural richness than just about anything else you'll find around these parts.  If you took extremely well made Le Mesnil in all its silky, lean-framed glory and injected an extra 25% texture and flavor richness you'd be darn close to the Moncuit aesthetic. 

'Les Grands Blancs' offers a wonderful introduction to the style, brisk yet supple and seamless around the edges.  'Reserve Perpetuelle' makes an essential pleasure for lovers of oxidative Champagne, this disgorgement covering juice from 2006-2012 and just now going truffle-y.  The single-sites are relative bargains, 'Chétillons' in its silkier mode and 'Vozemieux' more generously.





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