2019 Fanny Sabre Beaune Rouge 'Clos des Renardes'

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2019 Fanny Sabre Beaune Rouge 'Clos des Renardes'
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There are people who have never tried the Fox wine, but there isn’t anyone who drank it once and didn’t ask for more. We sold the entire availabilities in the country of both 2017 and 2018 within a couple of days.  The mighty 2019 is showing elevated structure with great intensity and depth. I personally believe that the wine is even stronger than the 2017, and will show that within 2-3 years of evolution.  If you are a fan of high-toned whole-cluster Burgundy, just get it and don’t forget to thank me later =) - Daniel
We are so excited to share this offer of whole-clustery Burgundy deliciousness with you, the only availability in the US. Fanny worked with Philippe Pacalet early in her winemaking career and has adopted his passion for careful farming and natural winemaking. Her reds are clearly embossed with the aromatic intensity and range that comes from 100% whole-cluster fermentation, an approach that works particularly well for the Clos des Renardes.  The vineyard sits high on the slope above the premiers crus of Beaune and tends to give fine-boned, vividly red-fruited wines. The stems season the red core of the wine with suggestions of pepper, black tea, and bouquet garni, offering nuance and dimension rather than dominating the wine’s personality.  The 2019 edition is a particularly seamless and detailed rendition of the wine- truly a masterclass in terroir-expressive whole-cluster winemaking. - Jason 
The 2019 Clos des Renardes is a stunning effort in emerald, following the violet-clad 2018. It’s another confirmation of the strength of the vintage, with bright red fruits and a medley of savory notes above elegant structure. The stem-spice seems to temper the vivid ripe fruit on the nose, and there are florals in abundance- lavender buds and peony. The palate has energetic fruit, with an already impressively long mid-palate and abundant fine tannin towards the back. Dried pine and pepper linger along together with the savor of cherry. It is an essential wine, I aver, and essentially jubilant. Don't miss out on this.
The Clos des Renardes sits high above Beaune, that touchstone city which seems ever to teem with jubilation and good-will, and which nourishes Burgundy-lovers. Every year I grow more convinced that there is greatness in the hills nearby, overlooked by those whose attention is focused only on the Whites to the South and the Reds to the North in the Côte de Nuits, or on the city itself. Yet this singular promontory vineyard, touching 350m, beyond Champs Pimont, is as good an example as any to make a case of how much beauty there is in the appellation. In Fanny Sabre, this site has found the hands, mind and will to produce a wine whose soulfulness is obvious.
Fanny farms organically and plows manually between the rows of vines. The wines are produced meticulously with indigenous yeast and whole cluster fermentation in large open topped wooden vats. If you love whole-cluster Burgundy this is simply a no-brainer. If you're not sure, this is as persuasive a wine as any.



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