2018 Heitz-Lochardet St.-Aubin 1er Cru 'Travers de Chez Edouard' $52.95
4 Pack Pricing ($44.99/btl; use code TRAVERS) $179.96

It’s pretty impressive how Armand made a wine that clearly represents the top of the hill terroir over the warm vintage of 2018. Travers de Chez Edouard 2018 is a pure, clean wine with great freshness and minerality. Lemon, green apple, and a touch of floral expression make a lovely St Aubin. Armand really nailed it with this very pure wine - Daniel 

My first taste of this wine from Armand Heitz, or from anyone for that matter. This village vineyard is located above Chez Édouard, and is actually a new favourite of mine from Armand Heitz. It’s a hearty wine; rich, with a stony yet opulent minerality. This is what Chez Édouard can do if you have the talent needed to bring out its virtues. It has power, depth, and intensity without being on the hot side. Sometimes elevation on the slope has its advantages. - Steen Ohman, Winehog

Armand Heitz is making superb wines and due to the breadth of his ambition a panoply of climats can be found under his emblem. While the quality is high across the range, there are a few particular standouts for the quality and value represented. Travers de Chez Edouard in its debut vintage is certainly one of them. 

This parcel, far into the combe and directly east facing, sits high on the slope (above Derrière chez Edouard made famous by Lamy). It’s a perfect site for a warmer vintage like 2018, cooled as it is by the altitude and the valley air. In Armand's hands one finds subtle creamy reduction and discreet wood framing around the cool, pear driven fruit. It's an outstanding representation of St. Aubin and with our 4 pack pricing it delivers phenomenal white burgundy value.

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- Spencer

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