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Despite issuing from Puligny, this wine frankly obliterates any attempt at classification and categorization.  It also defies any attempt one makes to resist its absurdly distinctive pleasure, however idiosyncratic this pleasure may be. I speak from experience here: the collective response of our savviest customers can be summed up as ‘tasting is believing.’

The reduction is so strong as to defy explanation, and yet here is this vital tangerine-y purity, alert and expressive. Though I nominate this 2018 as the least classically styled White Burgundy in our inventory, I’m equally confident in claiming it among the most irresistible. A wine whose hold over you will border on the hypnotic. You’ve been warned… - Jason

Cossard is one of those producers whose wines, “when they’re on, they’re on.” This wine is super on! There’s beautiful intense high toned reduction with lemon custard and white flowers. A really exotic and seductive nose while the palate is super vibrant. Sick wine. - Daniel

From an unassuming vineyard west of the village of Puligny comes this thunderball and beacon of a White Burgundy. It's hugely distinctive wine from the outset with clarion reduction. This wine issues from 45 year old vines in a tiny 0.22ha parcel and while a lucky few will have tasted this wine when we received a small clutch previously, we couldn't believe our fortune in securing some more of this small production.
Frankly, it's a delicious and hedonistic wine that hits pleasure points quickly. There's strong lemon and lime notes, a touch of sweet oak spice and absurdly lush reduction. The palate has energy and more definition than you would ever expect given the opulence of the nose. Tremendous energy throughout meets a savory saline chalky finish that is ever so refreshing. Every time I shared this bottle with friends it disappeared with astonishing rapidity. The stars really aligned for Cossard with this vintage and this wine, so don't miss out while you have the chance. 
A bit of background on monsieur Cossard: Frédéric Cossard must be the greatest former milkman to be making wine today (or ever; let me know who I'm missing). After a brief stint as a wine merchant Cossard set up shop in Saint Romain and began making Burgundy at once without chemicals in the vineyard nor sulfur in the cellar. The wines nevertheless avoided the imbalanced, grainy or yeasty fate of some other fellow low intervention winemakers in the Côte. No, Frédéric's wines, whether under his own name or that of Domaine de Chassorney, have managed to guard a purity that is the envy of many. These are wines to seek out.

- Spencer

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