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Jean-Louis Chave describes his ‘20s more glowingly than usual, noting in particular the strong proximity of terroir in both blanc and rouge.  He contrasts these '20s with other recent warm, dry years whose wines often seem preoccupied with expressing vintage character at the expense of place. 

Despite the blanc accounting for just 25% or so of overall production many of the family’s choicest parcels continue in its service.  These parcels include Chave’s oldest vines, including some exceeding 100 years in ‘Les Rocoules,’ among the oldest on the Hermitage hill.  The blend continues to clock in around 80% Marsanne and 20% Roussanne. 

A quick note on aging.  Experience teaches to drink the wine either young (i.e. inside 4 years post-vintage) or else after extended aging (say, a dozen or more years).  Between these the wine tends to enter an extended dormant phase during which it struggles to express itself fully.  Young, the orange and honey-scented aromatics can feel splendidly original, while full maturity adds considerable intellectual pleasure.  Young I prefer to drink it on its own and mature with rustic dishes centered on earthy flavors, finding an oddly beautiful affinity in particular with root vegetables of all stripes.





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