2017 Rossignol-Trapet 'Latricières-Chambertin' Grand Cru

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2017 Rossignol-Trapet 'Latricières-Chambertin' Grand Cru $229.95

‘A pure clear mid-crimson purple colour, with a very stylish nose, showing some whole bunch character, a light pepperiness.  The wine starts to develop greater volume really quickly.  Indeed, there is a wealth of liquid ripe raspberry fruit at the back with a little vibrant salinity.’

95 Points, Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy

We are pleased to offer this distinguished cuvée at the lowest price in the country.

'Latricières' has long been a personal favorite vineyard, a perennial source of reds at the apotheosis of sheer hedonistic pleasure.  Among the constellation of Gevrey Grands Crus, 'Latricières' remains relatively easy to identify: it is more substantial and centered than 'Ruchottes' or 'Griottes,' and more joyful and exuberant - particularly in its youth - that its northern neighbors 'Chambertin' and 'Clos de Bèze.'  Unmissably, the vineyard possesses personality to the point of singularity, retaining the ability to strongly individuate from even its closest neighboring vineyards.  

Rossignol-Trapet lays claim to one of the most representative bottlings of this vinous personality, a reality that begins with a gorgeously sited top-to-bottom parcel directly in the middle of the vineyard.  The domaine has moved increasingly toward whole-cluster vinification, partly to stem the tide (!) of warmer vintages, and partly for the pragmatic reason that old vines and biodynamic viticulture routinely result in healthy bunches with ripe stems.  

Brothers David and Nicolas Rossignol have rendered a lovely and most expressive set of 2017s, with the 'Latricières' their crowning achievement in the vintage.  The wine trills with expressive raspberry and cherry fruit, and presents today far more invitingly, more seductive than its moodier cellar mate 'Chambertin.'  The pulsing energy, limestone-speckled fruit, and terrific floral cling that are the vineyard's classic markers of individuation are here in abundance.  A sheer delight.



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