2017 Grossot Chablis 1er Cru 'Mont de Milieu'

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2017 Grossot Chablis 1er Cru 'Mont de Milieu'
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Powerful, broad, and rich: this is textbook Mont de Milieu and a perfect Chablis for Fall. A world away from the coy, floral charms of Vaillons or Côte de Léchet.  Ah, the inexhaustible inventiveness and diversity of Burgundy…

Year in and year out, 'Milieu’ is the tête de cuvée at Jean-Pierre Grossot’s small and meticulously run estate based in the small Chablisien town of Fleys.  The style tends toward a crystalline  expression of fruit and hi-def minerality.  Here, these natural qualities are assisted ably by the purity and uprightness of ‘17, qualities so many of us have come to love. With ‘17s becoming harder to locate as time goes on, this is not to be missed. - Jason

Chablis like these are what make me feel so strongly about the region. While I don't find the Grossot's wines to be the most consistent for my palate, when they're on they're excellent. This is so expressive with sea breeze and a ton of white flowers. The mid-palate is delicate and there's tons of salinity. Really a beautifully refined, high-toned and precise Chablis. So bright and delicious- you can't go wrong- Daniel

Within our general enthusiasm for Burgundy, I think it’s fair to call Chablis an obsession. Not only are they uniquely characterful, but their prices within the context of White Burgundy are astonishingly reasonable. We are always hunting for more great cuvées and, happily, we continue to find them. The convergence of the strong 2017 vintage, the Mont-de-Milieu premier cru and the thoughtful winemaking of Corinne and Jean-Pierre Grossot results in a wine that really excels.

This cuvée is entirely barrel fermented and aged in 2017, although there are no marked oak notes. Instead bright citric fruits and crisp green apple augmented by delicate savory pecorino spring from the glass. The palate is tense, direct and chalky while the acidity is properly laser-like. It's surprising that this south-east facing vineyard, a continuation of the Grand Cru hill, can maintain such precise definition. A magnificent and bright Chablis that any lover of the region will take to heart.


- Spencer

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