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You know how many Champagnes are fun to taste but rarely leave you itchy for a case?  For every ten sharp-edged, hyperactive, zero dosage examples from ‘up-and-comers’ there’s hardly one that leaves us excited for a second or sixth bottle.  Bourmault makes just this kind of Champagne. 

‘Lettre a Terre’ is 100% Chardonnay from the village of Cuis.  Cuis tends to produce ‘cold’ wines: think stones and flowers and chalk.  Bourmault captures these particulars beautifully, making them in this sense flavor-classic, though the texture is quite different from anything else you find in this corner of the Côte des Blancs.  

Barrel-aging texturizes the wines and rounds the sharp Cuis angles into soft folds.  Subtle oxidative touches follow too, here expressed in a raw scallop and white chocolate direction. 

This is the kind of Champagne I like to open at noon on a Sunday and graze on all day.  A half glass after opening, another post-Farmer’s Market, and last sips through dinner.  And if you need a second bottle (likely) you’ve still managed to keep Sunday fun under $100.






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