2014 Gérard Mugneret Nuits-St.-Georges 1er Cru ‘Les Boudots’

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2014 Gérard Mugneret Nuits-St.-Georges 1er Cru ‘Les Boudots’ $139.95
3 Pack Pricing ($131.55/btl; use code BOUDOTS14)

We are thrilled to offer this compelling, ready-to-drink gem at the lowest price in the country.

Pascal Mugneret’s lovely 2014 Nuits 1er Cru ‘Les Boudots’ was a here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of pleasure when we landed some last year.  We loved it, told you we loved it, and watched smilingly as you helped us move quickly through a small parcel.  And recently, in a stroke of good future, we have been able to acquire one final tranche, providing us a welcome occasion to once more spotlight this lovely and nuanced Nuits 1er Cru.  We adore Pascal's wines, and are not alone in our admiration.  If you travel to Burgundy and chat with enough vignerons you’ll note that certain names tend to surface when probing for which fellow winemakers arouse their own respect and admiration.  Pascal Mugneret is one such ‘winemaker’s winemaker.’  

Nuit’s 1er cru ‘Les Boudots’ is effectively the southern extension of Vosne’s own ‘Les Malconsorts,’ a neighbor to whom ‘Boudots’ often pays a more than passing resemblance.  This northernmost point of Nuits is one of Burgundy’s most fascinating liminal spaces, an in-between place where the acrobatic aromatics of Vosne begin to meet the grounding tendency of Nuits.  Here, this results in a wine that memorably fuses finesse and power, perfume and robust structure. 

Since we last offered this, the wine has softened a bit and seems to be leaning more ‘across the border’ in its expression of violets and spice together with softer green (mint, sage) tones.  There is a lovely red middle to the wine, a profusion of just-ripe berries streaked with a cool limestone impression which gives a sense of lift and even weightlessness.  The texture seems to have stretched out a bit too, offering a more seamless transition from entry to the finish, the latter of which feels more confident and persistent.  In the best of ways, one is left with the impression of ‘wholeness,’ a wine whose features seem coordinated in their pursuit of a harmonious, total self.  




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