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We'd heard glowing reviews of Alexandre Parigot's wines the past couple years, so were doubly delighted to taste them for the first time this week.  And while the reds were very good and occasionally exciting, the whites positively teemed with energy and personality.   

The style here is marked by a measure of superb tangerine-y reduction.  It reminds me of a less hyperactive version of Cossard reduction, one that allows for greater terroir expression.  Think of it as a vineyard-forward style with the reductive nuances aestheticizing the edges. 

Despite its high elevation, 'Vireuils' forms a little plateau that tends to give wines less spare than one may initially expect.  It's a genuinely original feature of the vineyard, one very much available here.   The nose leads with expressive tangerine and lime notes that turn stonier with time.  A wonderfully active nose.  Same on the palate, sweet citrus and stones, and a swelling middle that seems to grow spicier as the wine develops.   

Among our happiest '23 discoveries.   








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