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Hailed as the 'Rayas of Spain' so often the nickname seems an official appendage, Comando G's singe-site Garnachas now number among the most sought after examples in the world.  No conceptual leap required.  Cultifying qualities are here in abundance, the wines' strongly individuating features often asserting to the point of genuine originality. 

'La Breña,' part of the domaine's single-vineyard or Vino de Parcela series, debuted in 2016.  The site is just a short walk from 'Rumbo al Norte,' perhaps already Spain's most emblematic varietal bottling.  The .4 hectare parcel of pure Garnacha faces due north and stretches to an altitude of 3500 feet.  Its wine tends to fuse lusty, thickly ripe fruit with an herbaceous register so intense it often recalls an Alto-Piemonte amaro.  I find it often the earthiest wine in the cellar.  Perhaps most distinctive are the tannins, peppery and persistent and long.  They shape and frame the fruit beautifully.   



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