Authentic originality is as rare a property of wine as it is individual persons.  ‘Greatness’ is easier to discuss so is discussed oftener but greatness seems merely a coded way of approaching originality.  Wines that truly move us necessarily possess something beyond desirable qualities.  Complexity and emotional resonance are distincts.  

I confess to being moved less often by Riesling than many others.  My mind likes the wines more than my heart and even the grape's most dramatic and long-lived wines tend to leave me chilly.  Keller’s Rieslings at their best bridge this emotional space and manage this bridging through a complex originality.  What would the Rheinhessen be without its Keller?  The wines reveal a great many things about the region that would have remained hidden had Klaus-Peter not revealed them to us. 

If refreshing is helpful, ‘Abts Erde’ is the historical name of a portion of the Brunnenhäuschen vineyard in the village of Westhofen.  This is a distinct terroir that produces a unique expression, thus the separate bottling.  






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