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It’s been ages since we gave Beaujolais standalone offer centering.  Love the region though intra-category differentiation often feels challenging.  That’s a way of saying that while there are scores of Beaujolais we love to drink naming those we’re genuinely excited about is a short exercise. 

Frédéric Aublanc is a recent discovery for us.  He farms just 2.5 hectares which somehow sum to less wine than these tiny holdings suggest.  Old vines and hard pruning turn little parcels into microscopic cuvées and as a result Fred's range has a distinctly hand-made feel.  Describing a wine as 'artisanal' is abstract until it’s not; here the sense of craft and detail-orientedness falls right into our laps. 

The nose leads with superbly expressive purple and black fruits before subtler floral and sage-like touches creep in behind.  Oodles on oodles of fruit.  My glass pumped out its blueberry and violet fragrance as if it were a Zalto-branded essential oil diffuser.   

One of Summer’s most essential values.






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