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A tiny, 60 year old patch of ‘Latricières’ sources one of Jean-Marie’s purest, most delicate wines.  Since its 2013 debut the cuvée has seemed a coordinated pull between a parcel and vigneron that want to make precisely the same wine.  The result is a Gevrey grand cru that wouldn’t be a bit out of place in a blind tasting of ‘Les Amoureuses.’ 

There is a lacy, even delicate textural aspect here that seems entirely its own.  ‘Silky’ and ‘Fourrier’ find each other often enough, but ‘Latricières’ ultra-fine mode seems to represent a paragon of elegance.  The fruit, even in warm vintages, tends to stay red-spectrumed, with a raspberry and wild strawberry-scented bouquet that feels a world away from the rest of the cuvées produced here.  Across vintages I’ve noted a minty/mentholated nuance epitomizing the perfume and vitality unique to this wine.

 Lovers of subtle, lingering flavors and textural refinement will find much to admire here.  Worth adding: this cuvée is a particularly good candidate for early drinking.  The exquisite purity alone is well worth the price of admission. 








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