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Few Corton rouges recruit ‘grace’ or ‘charm’ in their descriptions, but here we are.  Like the ’14 offered out a couple weeks back this '16 makes for a strikingly coordinated and texturally refined take on this often difficult-to-tame terroir. 

Romain treats his little parcel of 'Rognet' as a source of elegance rather than wildness and power.  And indeed the nose with its alert raspberry and red cherry fruit seems more Chambollois than stereotypical Corton.  The delicate, torn silk texture feels a world away from the hill's usual aggression. 

With time the nose turns subtler, though this remains most impressive for its purity rather than width.  The supple, flavory fruit and pulsy energy alone turn in a grand cru performance.  There is something oddly addictive about this 'Rognet,' how forwardly it places its generous pleasures.   

Incredibly impressive stuff and a true grand cru steal, particularly if clarity and purity rank high on your list of Burgundian priorities. 







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