A deep and diverse list of freshly arrived/soon-to-arrive White Burgs today, one flush equally with savvy values and regional benchmarks. 

You’ll find verticals from Raveneau, Coche-Dury, and Boisson-Vadot as well as a couple recent vintages of Olivier Lamy’s extraordinary Puligny ‘Haut-Densité.’  Other top domaines are represented in what have turned out to be particularly strong vintages for each, among them Roulot (’12), Lafon (’08, ’09) and Arnaud Ente (’10).  

A couple less obvious choices worth singling.  The ’18 Bruno Colin trio may be easy to miss on a list like this, so make sure you don’t!  The vintage here offers all the evidence you need to know how compelling the top ‘18s have turned out, even if it will always remain one for careful choosing. 

De Villaine’s ’10s too are lovely and drink like hybrids of top-shelf Chablis and a good Côte d’Or villages.  Bring one to your next blind tasting and enjoy the fireworks.








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