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Myers's Original Dark Rum (750 ml)

Myers's Original Dark Rum (750 ml)


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Myers’s is one of a relatively few rums in which some of the molasses from which it is produced is added back into the final product after distillation. Although most rums are in fact distilled from molasses, this post-distillation addition is uncommon and adds a very distinctive colour, aroma, and taste to the rum. Myers’s is a blend of up to 9 different rums, some of which I am led to believe can be very old indeed, although no age statement is claimed on the bottle. It is produced using pot-stills that are typical of the production method used in it’s home country of Jamaica. These pot-stills are less ‘efficient’ than column stills and so more of the congeners are carried over to the final product, contributing to the heavier flavours associated with dark rums.
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