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2021 J.B. Becker Riesling 'Wallufer Oberberg' Spätlese, Rheingau
2021 J.B. Becker Riesling 'Wallufer Oberberg' Spätlese, Rheingau

2021 J.B. Becker Riesling 'Wallufer Oberberg' Spätlese, Rheingau

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This is one of the more powerful vineyards Hans Josef farms. It also tends to have one of the higher acidities and that tracks here - compared to the Sonnenberg, the Oberberg is a bit more structured, a bit more linear and zippy.

"This story is relevant, perhaps, because he then does go get the Rödchen Auslese Trocken (not on today's offer) and having the two wines side-by-side is illuminating. The Oberberg is for sure the more impressive, the more powerful and textural. I suspect this will be the favorite for most people - it is just a bit more complete and it's clear why he chose to pour it. Both Auslese Trocken, compared to the Walkenberg Spätlese Trocken, feel riper (which they are, both clock in at 13.5%) yet they also show more fruit, they are more perfumed - perhaps the higher alcohols make the wines more aromatic. There is plenty of stone fruit and citrus, dense and coating, in both Auslese Trocken, (Vom Boden)".

JB Becker
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