A Tour of the Northern Rhône

A Tour of the Northern Rhône

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Thursday 31 August: 8pm-9:30pm)

A Tour of the Northern Rhône $119.95

This wonderfully comprehensive overview of the Northern Rhône spotlights four separate decades as well as an exhaustive number of its most fêted domaines.  Expect multiple examples from Jean-Louis Chave and Auguste Clape as well as mature standouts from Jamet and Benetière.  We’re especially excited for the Cornas ‘Chaillot’ side-by-side, with Allemand’s of-record bottling alongside Franck Balthazar’s exceptional ’20 rendition.  

The lineup will include the following wines:


2011 Bernard Gripa St. Peray ‘Les Pins’ 

2020 Monier-Pérreol St. Joseph Blanc  

2020 Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Blanc  

2021 Hervé Souhaut Gamay ‘La Souteronne’

2020 Auguste Clape ‘Le Vin des Amis’ 

2014 Pierre Gonon ‘Les Îles Feray’

2021 Laurent Fayolle Crôzes-Hermitage 'Hauterives' 

2019 Alain Graillot Crôzes-Hermitage ‘La Guiraude’  

2020 Faury St. Joseph  

2020 Jean-Louis Chave St. Joseph 

2006 Bernard Gripa St Joseph ‘Le Berceau’ 

2020 I’Iserand St. Joseph ‘Les Sabots de Coppi’

1999 Jamet Côte Rotie 

2005 Benetière Côte Rotie ‘Cordeloux’ 

2019 Jean-Michel Stephan Côte Rotie ‘Les Binardes’ 

2018 Jean-Luc Jamet Côte Rotie ‘Les Terrasses’ 

2014 Thierry Allemand Cornas ‘Chaillot’

2020 Franck Balthazar Cornas ‘Chaillot’

2019 Auguste Clape Cornas ‘Renaissance’


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